Thursday, October 17, 2013

Government Open, Rockaway Theatre Co. is Back This Weekend With Final Perf of Boeing Boeing!

The cast of Boeing Boeing!
How does a small local theater based in Rockaway manage to put on such quality productions? Fort Tilden will be open and the postponed Boeing Boeing is on for this weekend. Three of the major roles are played by NYC teachers and the show is co-directed by another teacher. And key people running the theater are retired teachers.

I've seen it twice and will go back this weekend once again. Maybe twice.

Here are some highlights I taped. Great comic actor David Risely, on the left, played Felix in the Odd Couple where I did my only acting.

The announcement from RTC last night with details:
Dear Patrons and friends of RTC!!
The fort is open this weekend and we will be having the final 3 performances of  Boeing Boeing!! Come see this hilarious comedy....
Friday night October 18th @ 8pm
Saturday night October 19th @ 8pm
or Sunday October 2oth - 2pm matinee
Please call the hotline for reservations
go on website to make your reservations
THANK YOU for your continuing support!!!

And my piece in The Wave before the shutdown:

Take three beautiful stewardesses, mix them with a debonair boyfriend they all share, add in his nebishy best friend from Wisconsin and a live-in French maid - naturally since they are in Paris - and a sumptuous apartment with lots of doors - and for very good reason - and you end up with "Boeing, Boeing," the latest side-splitting comedy produced by the Rockaway Theatre Company.

The show is in its final weekend at the Post Theater in Fort Tilden. Don't miss the final opportunity to see our amazing local and imported talent (from Brooklyn). The production follows a long-line of fine plays directed by Peggy Page and Michael Wotypka, who also have the distinction of providing me with my acting debut – and denouement – in the Odd Couple two years ago.

**Keep in mind if the Government shutdown continues there will be no show because Fort Tilden will be closed. If it is rescheduled, The Wave will print the new dates and times.

See video highlights of Boeing, Boeing at:
And a few pics from their last peformance during the summer celebrating the end of Sandy and a new beginning for RTC.

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