Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not 'till the fat lady sings

Six of us piled into a van today to go down to Philadelphia to say goodbye to a dear friend and political pal of over 40 years. Our friend had decided to enter hospice care just 2 days ago at his daughter's home after months in the hospital. I expected the worst but got the best. Our friend though weak, was as eloquent and lucid as he always has been at political events, often dominating the room. How often new people would come over to me and say, "That guy was wonderful - funny and smart and making sense." And he made sense today, casting these words of wisdom (I'm paraphrasing).
"I am so happy to be here and out of that place (the hospital). If you ever have the opportunity like I have -- to end your life in a place you want to be, with people who love and support you, grab it, hold on to it and don't let it go."
Words to live by.

I'm a glass half full guy. Our friend to me looked better than I had seen him since he went into the hospital almost 3 months ago. I expect to go back and say goodbye again. And maybe again. I don't believe in miracles. But I do believe in the concept that someone at total peace like our friend seems to be will get some kind of rebound - most likely temporary, but who knows? I'm a guy who thinks that one day we can take the UFT from below by winning over a majority of schools. Some people would give our friend better odds.

I will write further about the almost incomprehensible  medical story we've witnessed over the past 8 months. But not 'till the fat lady sings. And here's to the fat lady coming down with a very sore throat.

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