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New Content at SusanOhanian.Org! Oct. 16, 2013

As usual Susan tosses a lot of good stuff on the table. Click the links to see Susan's often priceless commentary on each article.


It is worthwhile to read Bill Gates' infamous 2009 speech again. .  because it infects every other story about ed deform.

But don't miss Neil Gaiman's speech, which SHOULD inspire every attempt at education reform.


  Syracuse school district says disputed Henninger High School teacher ratings will stand
Paul Riede
Syracuse Post Standard

Read this article all the way through. It's outrageous all the way, but the punchline is a killer. And there is actually a bit of Good News added on. Plus some huge irony.

Bill Gates Explains Why Common Core was Created
Bill Gates


This speech, available from the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation press room, was given July 21, 2009 at the meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures in Philadelphia. In this speech, Gates lays out the 'Blame the teachers' issues pushed and financed by his foundation, issues critical to the subsequent assault on public schools and the children and teachers in those schools. AND you get the low-down on why the Common Core is necessary.

How New York’s education commissioner blew it big time — principal
Valerie Strauss and Carol Burris
Washington Post Answer Sheet

This excellent context for the meltdown of NY State Commissioner of Education offers object lesson for leadership everywhere.

No Moratorium on Illegal Smarter Balanced Assessments
volunteer  nonpartisan political action committee
NH Families for Education

A volunteer  nonpartisan political action committee in NH challenges Smarter Balanced testing.

Group Presses for Safeguards on the Personal Data of Schoolchildren
Natasha Singer
New York Times

A leading children's advocacy group is challenging the educational technology software industry, an estimated $8 billion market, to develop national safeguards for the personal data collected about students from kindergarten through high school. Note the federal legislation that permits all this data collection.

 Stimulating Greater Thoughtfulness, Not Greater Strain
Stephen Krashen

I wonder if NABE is positioning itself for a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
Neil Gaiman


Neil Gaiman declares there's no such thing as a bad children's book--and explains why fiction is so important. thank you to Paul Thomas for declaring this a MUST READ. He's right. Read it and pass it on.

Dear Senator Sullivan,
Rob Bligh


The author makes a powerful statement about the real problem: kids need better childhoods.

Where Were You, Governor Shumlin?
Susan Ohanian


Take a look at the priorities of Vermont's governor.

         The College- and Career-Ready Imperative as Pushed by Gates & Obama

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