Sunday, October 6, 2013

Video: MORE Brunch, Please

MOREistas and supporters gather for a great day of brunching - great food ala chef/teacher Sean Ahern, great music from Patrick Walsh and Fred Arcoleo, great conversation with everyone, and inspiring words of wisdom from Julie Cavanagh, Jia Lee and Megan Moskop.

Amongst many interesting conversations with people I had never met before was this one. I see a young lady sitting at a table all by herself. She looked young but could have been a teacher. She tells me she is a senior in one of our elite high schools. "How did you end up here," I asked? "One of my favorite teachers - a young energetic teacher she tells me -- is so inspiring and urges us to get involved -- told us about this event - so I am here." I never heard of her teacher but did know one of our contacts had put our newsletters in the mail boxes. She said she wants to study film. Boy we need socially conscious film makers.

Here are some pics:

Jack Channels Daddy the musician
Happy B-Day Diana

Jia and son

Megan and Peter: MULTI-GEN MOREistas

Megan: New MORE leaders emerge

Patrick and Fred

Master chef Sean

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