Monday, October 21, 2013

PEP Video: Community Says "No MORE Charters"

Panel for Educational Policy October 15, 2013:
NYCDOE votes to cram 23 co-locations and charters into existing schools despite large protests, mostly unreported by the press which gave extensive coverage when charters closed schools for half a day and told parents they had to attend.
Members of MORE help lead protest at PEP as parents, students, teachers and entire communities around the city say NO to privately run charter schools that invade public school space. The NYC ed press of course ignores community outrage while promoting every vestige of charter promotion. Included in this video is me speaking on the issue. I handed the camera to someone I won't name who got a good shot of the ceiling as I began to speak but then did a superb job.

My major point was that charters were allowed to close for a politically driven protest while public schools being invaded by these charters had to hold their protests/rallies at their schools after school. Their numbers were way above the charter numbers, with over a thousand people attending the Roy Mann rally, another event the NYC ed press ignored. Yes Virginia, the press was not reporting those numbers of anti-charter people. In fact the press did not report this outpouring of
anti-charter co-loco feelings from a packed house at this PEP. They assume that the UFT was behind the chants when nothing can be further from the truth. Does this person on the right, who you can see in the video while the chant was going on look happy?

I also pointed to the Moskowitz hired camera and sound people who she pays to attend every meeting at a reputed cost of over 75K a year. And she object so paying rent? Again, the press ignores the enormous expenditures by Success. Eva manipulated other charters into taking action to try to protect her revenue stream. We all know di Blasio's arrow is aimed directly at her. And she does too.

Lots of videos to come from that Oct 15 PEP -- hope I can get them done before the next one on Oct. 30. And today I'm heading over to the PS 196 rally and hearing to tape.

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