Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Worm Turns on TFA as New Gen Students Begin to Reject Their Destructive Agenda

Just as TFA was the hot thing on campus such a short time ago, the counter revolution begins as student groups spring up around the nation exposing what is behind the curtain of an ed deform front which attempts to use recruits as a political force for ed deform.

Students who want to not only teach but do it in a context of social justice work where they join the battle against poverty and for resources both in and out of school for their students are rejecting the "no excuses, make do with what you have" TFA message.

Diane Ravitch posted a sample from a senior Harvard student.
Sandra Korn, Harvard ’14, Says No to TFA Sandra Korn, class of 2014 at Harvard, was invited to join TFA. She said no. She explains why here.

Now we do know more than a few TFA alums who are committed to the social justice work and have and are working with MORE. They used TFA to get a quick route into teaching but many of them also had been studying education so they were not totally unprepared to teach. And even if they weren't I can live with people who want to teach and not use TFA as a springboard.

Supplements from Susan Ohanian:
Teach for America rises as political powerhouse
Stephanie Simon

Teach for America is more than a service organization. It's a political powerhouse.

The debt deal's gift to Teach For America (yes, TFA)
Valerie Strauss
Washington Post Answer Sheet

Politicos hail Teach for America recruits as 'highly qualified' while declaring experienced teachers add no value to their students' school experience.

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