Thursday, October 17, 2013

Newark Teachers Union Rally: Enuf is Enuf

The wonderful Newark Supe Cami Anderson is so adept at making friends. How funny to see the very union that made the deal with the devil last year (with Randi and Christie's guns at their heads) is now rallying because they claim Anderson is not keeping her side of the bargain -- DUHHHHHH! Just a smidgeon of history would show that the deformers NEVER keep their side of the bargain.

NEW Caucus called for a NO VOTE on the contract and Newark teachers actually saw what Randi and their union leaders had sold them they gave the majority of Ex Bd seats to NEW Caucus which lost the presidency by 9 votes.

Enuf Is Enuf Rally
All NPS Employees, the Time is Now!!!
Tuesday, Oct 22nd, 2013, 5 P.M.
Newark Board Of Education Meeting
Barringer High School

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