Sunday, October 6, 2013

Today at noon: Protest at NBC Ed Deform Education Nation at NYC Public Library

Many people have decided to just ignore this yearly bullshit coming from NBC but NYBATS are holding a protest. So if you can make it down there to swell the crowd come on down. We do know the E4Es are going be good boys and girls so they can get on TV and then write press releases about how they got on TV.

After spending yesterday at the great MORE brunch (video coming soon) and being in the midst of this crazy garden construction project I am working on and fearing another day out would lead to divorce, I wasn't going to go. Now my wife reminds me she is taking her best friend out for a birthday celebration --- her friend will now be on medicare -- one of those awful government programs the Republicans won't dare call for ending given that even tea party love it.

So I may head in to film if it doesn't rain.

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