Thursday, October 17, 2013

Video: PEP Oct 15 2013 - I Am Bergtraum

Some of the strongest voices at the PEP came from the Murry Bergtraum HS community in lower Manhattan as they fought the blatant handing over of this prime real estate to Eva Moskowitz who will now have bases in big high school buildings in every part of Manhattan (Brandeis, Graphic Arts, Washington Irving). One irony: Murry Bergtraum's daughter was appointed to the PEP by Bloomberg. I didn't stay around to watch her vote but she seemed to spend a good part of the presentation by Bergtraum students with her hand over her mouth. If she voted to install Success in the school named for her father --- well, I don't have the words.

I did a quick editing job on this to get as many people in -- led off by our pal and MOREista John Elfrank-Dana, chapter leader.

PEP Oct 15 2013 - I Am Bergtraum
"Voices of Students, Teachers, Parents defending their lower Manhattan HS from the Co-location of Success Charter wearing tee-shirts proudly proclaiming "I am Bergtraum.""

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  1. Thanks Norm. We knew it was all for naught... but, had to vent our rage anyway. These puppets who serve on the panel are the real losers. I guess they think a Governor or just billionaire Bloomberg will have a nice appointment for them some day for their dutiful service to his agenda. Perhaps he will. I know I couldn't look myself in the mirror rubber stamping the worst educational policy in this city's history.


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