Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video, PS 196 Colocation Hearing: Brian De Vale Castigates DOE Office of Portfolio Planning

Are you proud of yourselves? Is this what you went into education for? To take things away from children? ... I guess if you are black or brown you don't need science labs ...  Brian De Vale comments on Office of Portfolio declaring school science labs in poor communities "a luxury."
An enormous turnout with standing room only last night. Lots of video to come. Again an anti-coloco rally and hearing uncovered by the ed press. These are taking place all over the city.

What a speech, ranking with Tish James at last week's PEP (PEP Notes - Tish James Rocks the House). (I hope Brian comes to the Oct. 30 PEP). He called Bloomberg a "petty little tyrant." And called for a return to communities running their schools.

Brian De Vale is one of the few NYC principals with cajones. He heads the CSA in District 14. He spoke last night at the hearing to co-locate a 3rd school in the building and even more astounding, a 2nd middle school to compete with the one currently in the building, which years ago they pushed into the building instead of allowing PS 196 to become a K-8 school. Just idiocy.

In this case, the CEC of District 14 had been asking for another middle school for a long time. So the slime at Tweed, knowing there has been some resistance over the years to their policies, decide to get even by pushing it into a place where it is not needed. As Brian points out there is an almost empty building in the district --- but, oh, I think Eva may be in there and we don't want to upset the Queen's plans to expand eventually into a middle school.

And too bad the mic is blocking the face of the Tweed portfolio sluggette running the meeting. I was shooting from the side so could not see the faces of the other Portfolio scum's faces.


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  1. Magnificent!!! Wouldn't it be great if every principal spoke up like this? There aren't many DeVale's, Burris' and Allanbrook's in the world. They are to be commended for their courage to speak critically.


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