Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday: Public Hearing and Rally to Protest Co-Location by Parents and students: PS 196/MS 582, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I'm heading over to cover this. PS 196 is a few blocks away from the school I taught at for 27 years and I covered the school for tech support when I was a Project Smart district tech staff developer for 4 years. Lots of people I knew are still there. A solid building -- but give me a break- 3 schools? The whackos at Tweed - here they go again.

Media Advisory for Event on Monday, October 21, 4:30 PM, PS 196, 207 Bushwick Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Contacts: Williamsburg and Greenpoint Parents: Our Public Schools! (WAGPOPS!),, Brooke Parker, 917/251-1596 

WHO: Parents and students at PS 196/MS 582, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

WHAT: Parents, students and teachers will rally in front of the school to oppose third school co-location. There will be a Joint Public Hearing inside the school following the demonstration. 

WHEN: Monday, October 21, 2013 — Rally: 4:30 pm; Public Hearing: 5:30 pm 

WHERE: PS 196/MS 582, 207 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206 

WHY: A DOE proposal to ‘shoehorn’ an unwanted additional middle school into the building, which currently houses one middle school, M.S. 582, and an elementary school, P.S. 196, has aroused intense community opposition. Parents have publicly charged the DOE with low income families of color regarding their decision-making process. They have stated that, but for the fact that they are a poor, minority community, this would not be happening. Concerned about the loss of space and programs at their children’s schools, and feeling abused and ignored by the DOE, hundreds will protest on the street before attending the Public Hearing to share their displeasure with DOE officials. 

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