Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PEP Notes - Tish James Rocks the House

You have 77 days and the count-down has begun.... When you treat special needs children differently and when you discipline them and expel them that's separate and unequal... I urge you in anticipation of litigation to save all your emails (especially related to communication with Eva Moskowitz)... That is why I was elected (along with Bill de Blasio) ... that is our mandate... we gotta get back 12 years of this administration failing our children.... Tish James
While the fawning ed press gushes over charters, the PEP was packed with the real choice of the people: no charter co-locations,  anti Success Charter and Eva Moskowitz and schools representing thousands of people. But a more comprehensive report later.

I have over 2 hours of footage and will be putting pieces up. First up is Tish James who put a line in the sand about the end of the Bloomberg administration.

There were a lot of politicians who spoke - this was strong and emotional. Not the full speech but edited to make it more concise.

A few stills


John Owens said...

This is fabulous! There IS hope!

Pogue said...

Fantastic speech. Truly inspiring. If/when DeBlasio wins, it is heartening to know James will be there providing progressive conscience and support.

And, who doesn't love to see Bloomberg shill/rubber-stampers being called on the carpet?