Saturday, October 12, 2013

NY State Ed Comm John King Enters Witness Protection Program

Commissioner John King faced a tough crowd while meeting with parents last night. (GS in Brief)

Reformy NY Education Commish gets taken to the woodshed by parents. .. The Chalkface

King has "suspended" the four remaining forums on Common Core after last night's town hall in Poughkeepsie (including Oct. 15 in Garden City).
Commissioner King Gets Spanked.
King gets the Cathy Black treatment.
Unbelievable that King spent an hour and 40 minutes talking about our children but didn't want his children mentioned for one minute. So what if they do Common Core--they don't get tested and their teachers don't get fired!
King loves to speak in front of friendly groups like E4E. Not this time.
It is interesting (unfortunate) that the NYS PTA is backing the commissioner, not the parents!  Just like the UFT!!  Certainly the people at the meeting are on our side.
I love the title of Chris Cerrone's blog post, "Reformy NY Education Commish gets taken to the woodshed by parents."
We need to do everything we can to fan the flames.
The word late last night via Facebook is that the remaining four NYS PTA town halls were "suspended"--presumably because of the Oct. 10 meeting! I know Long Island was ready to go with signs in hand and a strategy to get people signed up to speak and make the most of the allotted time. 

The video needs to go viral so that it will get NYC media attention; I was telling the LI parents there should be a press release about the fact that the Oct. 15 event was suspended and should link to the video.
Perdido St. School blog uses Danielson to meadure King 's rigor and excellence.


  1. I am fanning flames here in Jersey. Maybe Commisioner Cerf will follow suit and hold some town hall meetings to gauge public opinion on Common Core and testing.


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